Hello! My name is Taylor.
I am a yoga instructor, photo and video creative, and traveler of the world. 

I believe that we should all spend our days doing what ever it is that makes us feel the most present and alive. 
I support living an authentic life that reflects ones truest self, especially if that means going against the norm.

I credit my parents for showing me the importance of seeking my passions.
I sought. And I found three:

  • Practicing and teaching yoga
  • Creating images with my camera
  • Exploring new cultures and places

I first discovered yoga after struggling with anxiety and depression during a particular transitional time in my early 20's. Truth be told, I was originally attracted to yoga because it was an exercise that I could lazily do with bare feet. I then grew addicted to the physical asana movement because I loved how it made my body feel more open, flexible AND strong. But with time, the inevitable mental shift came later.  I continue to feel more calm, and better able to cope and control my emotions, instead of the other way around, because of the lessons the practice teaches me.
Yoga literally means union.
Through the practice, I find unification between my body, mind and breath. Through the practice, I find connection with my students, my community and the world.
Simply, Yoga allows me to feel more present and alive.

The camera has been an active part of my life for as long as I can remember. My Mom, owner of Serendipity Photography, is a professional  photographer and true creative genius. She has always photographed everything, everywhere and I followed suit. Those small yellow Kodak throw away cameras were my accessory of choice growing up! In high school I began assistant shooting weddings and portrait sessions with her until after college, when I felt experienced enough to shoot on my own. 
Aside from weddings and portraits, photojournalism became a part of my life when I began travelling abroad with my Nikon as my only companion.
I view image creation with my camera as my favorite form of study. Through my lens, I am better able to see and observe the small details around me that I might have otherwise overlooked. Through photography, I connect more with my surroundings. Through photography, I am able to capture my experiences and visualizations and share them with others for generations to come.
Simply, Photography allows me to feel more present and alive.

I grew up in small town Ohio, and was fortunate to have parents who exposed me to the world outside of suburbia at an extremely young age. I was 9 years old when they took my sisters and I on a trip abroad for the first time, to Costa Rica. They kept it adventurous and opted for a beat up rental car over the paid tourist attractions. Instead of scuba diving excursions, we drove along the tiny dirt roads and into the villages to see how the local people lived and worked. We parked the beat up car on the side of the road so we could run into the rain forests and photograph the cute coatimundi and howler monkeys. As we returned home, I brought with me a craving for more travel and adventure that still has not left me. "Culture shock" is something that  I haven't ever been able to understand. From 9 years old until now, I thrive when I am exploring places far from home, with people who look and speak differently from me. Thus, it came as no surprise to others when at age 17, I insisted on venturing out of Ohio and into the world once and for all. To honor my intense urge for change and discovery, I bounced from continent to continent during a three year globe trot. I spent time living with host families as an aupair in Ireland and Spain, teaching English at orphanages and public high schools in Honduras, browsing farmers markets in Germany, dancing through sunflower fields and eating gelato in Italy, studying yoga and Ayurveda in Bali, and searching for Kangaroos in Australia.
I strongly believe that we are not meant to spend our lives in one small corner of the world. Seeing the world has cracked my mind open and taught me more valuable lessons than any text book ever could. Nothing else inspires me or makes me feel more connected to both humanity and purpose in this life than when I am on the road.
Simply, Travel absolutely allows me to feel more present and alive.

I intend to use this space as the collaborative home to nourish, grow and share my greatest passions with you. I feel that if we put good, positive energy out into the world, we will get it right back. So I hope you are able to find a small spark of inspiration - to get on the mat, pick up your camera, or book the trip you've been dreaming of. To find what YOUR passion is and do more of what makes you feel present and  ALIVE.   

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to connect with you!