I am so excited to offer private bridal yoga - personalized classes for brides, grooms, couples, and Bachelorette parties!

I have loved working in the wedding industry since I first began in 2008 as a photographer with my Mom's company, Serendipity Photography. After shooting wedding after wedding, and meeting couple after couple, the need for yoga in the industry quickly became evident to me.

I mean, just think about it. You have spent countless hours planning every small detail of your wedding day. You are going through a massive life transition. Though it is an extremely exciting one (hopefully!) mental and emotional shifts are still taking place. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of planning, or overwhelmed by the to-do list. Not to mention all of the attention focused on you. 

After 8 years in the industry, I have seen it all! Bridezillas are very real, and so is post-wedding let down. I have witnessed far too many brides suffering through panic attacks, snapping at their bridesmaids, and crying over their hair curls just seconds before walking down the aisle. I have observed grooms miss their first dance because they are arguing with the DJ or worrying about whether or not the bar is stocked with enough Stella Artois.

Every couple has the same feedback post-wedding, "We are so grateful for your photos because the day went by so fast. We missed so much, it was such a flash!"

The day will go fast, of course. That is why it is crucial to pause, slow down and focus on remaining fully present and absorbed in each and every moment.

And I absolutely want your day to go perfectly smooth. But you look so beautiful, I promise your groom will love your curls exactly how they are. Let me help you to trust your vendors to do their job. I want the DJ to get your music right, too. But more importantly, I wish for you to be entirely absorbed in the moment that all you're thinking about during your first dance is how incredibly perfect your new life partner is. 

All we have is the moment. And this moment is big. Really big.

So let me help you calm your wedding jitters so that you can center your focus entirely towards what this time in your life should truly embody - Love!

1-1 sessions
Couple bonding sessions
Bridal party sessions
Bridal Bootcamp Packages

Currently based in NYC/NJ


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Think Bachelorette Party. Or morning-after Bachelorette party to help kick the hangovers! 
Super nervous about walking down the aisle? Schedule a wedding-day-morning session prior to hair and makeup to help calm the nerves. 

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